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Power Map also provides an immersive 3-D data exploration experience, supplementing the self-service visualization capabilities of Power View dashboards sharable through Power BI for Office 365.

, Power Map has continued to introduce the business intelligence community to new ways of interactively exploring their data geospatially in 3-D.

Updated navigation maps keep the system informed of new roads and modified traffic layouts.

This data can be factored in for effective route planning in the same way as information such as altered town boundaries can be transmitted to the electrical system to assist with anticipatory energy management.

To allow the navigation system to access the very latest map material at all times, BMW Connected Drive is taking a different approach with the generation of the Navigation system Professional that is now available.

With this system, the navigation maps now update automatically, putting an end to the problem of outdated datasets.

For some, it is the initial delight that gets customer’s attention and allows engagement in broader discussions around BI.

In any case, this is important information to keep updated in a map system, such as Maze Map.Plus, you get the same experience across all your Windows 10 PCs and phones.If you would like to search for places and get directions in the Maps app even when you are not connected to the Internet, you should download maps for offline use.Maze Map is designed to follow the dynamic life of buildings.We can integrate with most facility management systems so that any changes to the floor plans gets synced and reflected in our map system.

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If you like, you can turn on automatic updates for maps.

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