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We changed the process for economic and environmental reasons,” he said, adding that they would use sulfate technology that used much less lime.“With calcimine, we would have had to use 10 tonnes of lime, with the new technology we’ll only use 0.3 tonnes,” Echazú said.“With the exploitation of lithium in a 400 sq km area, we’ll have enough to maintain ourselves for a century,” Bolivia’s president Evo Morales boasted recently of the rare metal used in smart phone and electric car batteries.The government estimates that Bolivia stores around 70% of the world’s lithium reserves, some 100 million metric tonnes.The US Geological Survey puts the figure at a more modest 9 million tonnes.But the nascent industry, which Chinese and German technology companies will help develop, involves more unknowns than knowns – especially with regards to the environmental impacts of extracting the lithium element from its carbon compound.

Authorities are yet to advise on the changes that industrial exploitation will bring but heavy vehicles, toxic residues and major power lines will all be commonplace on the site when operations begin in 2018.China responded that it had to restrict exports due to the environmental pressures of production.The WTO ruled in favour of Japan and China increasingly looked overseas to guarantee supplies of lithium to maintain the productivity and competitiveness of its high-technology industries.More than 35 Chinese enterprises have been attracted to Bolivia by infrastructure projects and natural resources like gas and iron.According to GNRE’s records, 86 delegations from 15 countries visited the lithium carbonate plant; 28 from Germany and 12 from China.

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This time there are no flashes of light or oases on the world’s largest salt flat, just an inestimable number of artificial lakes, clunking machinery and workers.