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Lemaitre's third EP and second in the Relativity Series, Relativity 2, topped the Canadian charts and US i Tunes electronic albums category during May of 2012.The EP went to top charts across a number of countries, placing #3 in Switzerland, #8 in Australia and #10 in France.The sequel goes one better: it's got a lot of lung.Loot a slain animal and, with a squelchy audio cue, you'll fish out one of its meaty gasbags and flop it into your backpack.Worldwide, Relativity 2 charted at #4 in i Tunes' Pop category.In January 2014, the duo signed to Astralwerks Records: home to notable acts, including Daft Punk, whom Lemaitre has previously referenced as a significant source of inspiration for the group's music style.A bag bursting with looted weapons doesn't necessarily mean a trip back to town to offload at the vendor, as any weapon or item of apparel can be broken down on the fly to its base components.

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Additionally, on 4 February 2016, Lemaitre's song "Cut To Black" received worldwide attention on Facebook for Facebook's 12th Anniversary, which came to be known as "Friends' Day", a feature that compiled of photos and memories commemorating friendship into user-specific videos.

it was announced that Lemaitre, along with other musical acts Aluna George and Broiler, were collaborating with video game Minecraft to "perform a show in the game setting", as a part of Norwegian game conference The Gathering.

Furthermore, Lemaitre mentioned that the 'choice [to join Astralwerks] felt right', especially given that the label was home to some their own "sonic heroes", namely Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers.

Lemaitre has been living in during their time in Los Angeles—which also serves as a low budget–home studio for the pair.

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The event provided users with the unique experience of a concert "simultaneously recreated within the Minecraft world [...] Just like a real concert[.]" This event was considered as the world's "first live Minecraft concert,".