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That could be a big reason for such a group to be against pastoral leadership in a church so that all the control of their churches belong only to their main founder.

Such principle is unbiblical for the New Testament practice is that each church is sovereign, independent, and autonomous free from the control of outside organization, board, or any person.

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Such church is a split from Iglesia Ni Kristo founded by Felix Manalo because they disliked Manalo's teaching that Jesus is just a man, but somehow, they carried some of Manalo's ideas, and did not made a complete turn about face from a false doctrine. Who baptized the founder of Iglesia ng Dios who came out from Eli Soriano?

Mem, there is a book about the heresies of Eli Soriano and the teaching of Dating Daan.

But it is good to check the facts of a certain group and not just follow them without any question.Herbert Armstrong had proclaimed that the preaching of the true gospel had been lost since 69 AD and he restored it.The Iglesia Ni Kristo teaches that the true church founded by Christ had apostatized and that He was sent to found a new Church of Christ.If he is not, then there is no reason to believe in what the teaches against the Trinity.He must have been influenced by the Jehovah's Witnesses and Iglesia Ni Cristo which are both false Christian churches and cults.

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Eli Soriano teaches that Jesus does not know all things as he based it on Mt.. They originated here in the Philippines as founded by Eli Soriano.